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When you understand the basics of soft washing, you as a property owner become empowered to choose the right pressure washing professional. South County Soft Wash has created our blog to help you learn more about our techniques so that you know what to look for in an exterior cleaning professional!

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Learn About Pressure Washing & Curb Appeal!


Curb appeal can feel elusive for every homeowner. Even if you’re on top of property maintenance, that beautiful first impression can feel like it’s just out of reach. But that’s why South County Soft Wash is here to help. Follow our three simple tips for great curb appeal:


We use a soft washing solution to remove dirt, mold, and other eyesores from your siding and home exterior.


Dirt and grease on your sidewalk? No problem. Chewing gum on your driveway? Our pressure washing system can handle it.


Our low pressure washing system removes stains and black streaks from the very top – so your first impression shines.

Curb appeal doesn’t have to be unattainable. The best part? We take care of it all. With pressure washing solutions from South County Soft Wash, you don’t just get the best quality: You get quality that lasts.

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